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CD informations New Age Voice, January 2001 Dan Liss
The arrangements let two principal melody instruments, guitar and synthesizer, soar over the constantly bubbling brew of percussion that percolates throughout. If you have a taste for a jazzy world recording with flashes of tribal fire, check this out. The guitar and the synth define the sound and lead the path all the way so that the entire venture is led by melody and supported by generous amounts of rhythm. The vocalists on the title cut are possessed of a relaxed yet seductively lyrical quality, while the drums head off in the direction of a medium dance groove that is more inviting than insistent. They make good use of percussion instruments that are not often in the spotlight such as the kalimba in Elefant Ride or the clay drumwhich they use to fine effect in Give me five.
A very pleasant energy cruises with this et from beginning to end.

Dance and play the night away..., October 30, 2000 Aurora Lyn from behind the auroral curtain in Alaska
The Nazca label is producing some really excellent, interesting music. Located in Portugal, Nazca brings together European talent not often heard in the States. This CD, Dancing Tribe, is a good introduction to the type of fun, danceable music the label provides. Musicians from around Europe and North America come together to share a musical impression of fusion music for dance and trance meditation. This is not a heavily synthesized album, although there are portions of the tracks which include samples and some dubbing. The overall feel of the music is more spontaneous, and reflects the inspiration of the artists who collaborated to make this CD, so much fun to listen to. Try it, I truly believe that you will enjoy it. You can dance or drive or even meditate to the music. The mood is up to you.

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