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During the years of my professional career I have recorded in many different studios, top of the line and budget. This inspired me to learn studio engineering and set up my own studio. I enjoyed studios located in a relaxed surrounding, good equipment and a friendly atmosphere.
The studio is located in an old farmhouse on a beautiful hillside overlooking the untouched nature of Alentejo.It is about 3 km from the mainroad, surrounded by a natural paradise.
The studio is about 100 square meters in size, one recording room with a floating wooden floor, well isolated and separated by a big glass window from the studio. We offer excellent recording equipment ( ProTools HD/192, Logic Audio, Mackie mixer) and good microphones. It is powered by Solar energy, and has excellent soundproofing with natural materials from the area like cork. The studio has the ideal conditions for live instrument and vocal recordings.
The studio can be booked per hour or per day .

In the breaks you can take a walk in the woods or just sit in the sun and enjoy the view over the endless hills of Alentejo.
We have a 2 bedroom apartment available in the same building and meals can be prepared on request.

As a drummer and percussionist I have drums, tablas, congas and many percussion available in the studio, which may be used during the recordings.
I am also available as a drummer and percussionist for your projects, the payment for my participation has to be arranged separatly.

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