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CD informations CD-Revolutions , May 2000
When the 9 to 5 race frazzles your nerves, find relief on your own Oasis with Yashu.On this second release with Nazca Music, Yashu's exquisite flute takes you on a journey of the heart. Her soft sensual sound is accompanied by her long time friend, Moksha on guitar, bass and guimbre (traditional Maroccan bass); Harida on drums and percussion; and Somesh on guitar and keyboard. The spirited belly-dance rhythms and soaring melody of "Gap in Marrakesh" is worth the price of the album alone; it's impossible to sit still while listening to this track. Enchanting, etheral, spirited ... you'll love it!

Aquarius, January 2000
Another solace for the weary mind, heart, and body is Oasis, by Yashu. A professional flutist for over twenty years, Yashu has accompanied avantgarde musicians, including Mirasol Colores, Toti Soler, and Ovidi Montilor in European concerts. Her album, "In Silence" (1996) and her latest release "Oasis", were recorded at Nazca Music in Holland. Yashu is accompanied by her long time friends, Harida on drums and percussion; Moksha on guitar, bass, and guimbre; and Somesh on guitar and keyboard. Some of the music was composed twenty years ago in the presence of Osho, and other pieces are from today - all are a delight. My personal favorite is "Gap in Marrakesh" which is a more spirited, Middle Eastern, slow belly-dance beat that will put a wiggle in your asana. Oasis is soft and playful, heart-centered music that will guide you within to your own spiritual oasis. - Kathryn Sargent

Serge Kozlovsky, Belarus, December 2000
....That's music of another world, where beauty and harmony are natural, where there's no place for ugly, where love, freedom and creativity are the real values. And in fact that world is the only real world. And Yashu's divine flute leads us towards that beautiful, sacred place... The presence of the Master can be apparently felt in her music. His universe opens in front of you, and you enter there, and you are filled with love, beauty, joy, they are just deluging you, and nothing remains - only that love and delight in the existence. That's the main quality of the music of Yashu. So much love and bliss! Here West meets East, not to be ever departed. I feel that Oasis is an Eastern music absorbed and performed by Western people. And that makes it very special and distinct. And there is feeling of unlimited freedom of creativity, freedom of human spirit. And that presence is such that one immediately falls in love with that divine music - or rejects it forever. Yes, just so, because it's dangerous for an evil heart! Blessed Oasis by Yashu! A delicate flavour of poetry, a superior aesthetics. Listening to this music, you want to be present in Eternity with those immeasurably beautiful beings! Just to be with them, to celebrate, to create infinitely with them...

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