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CD informations NAPRA REVIEW: July/August 2001
Shanti-Shanti , entirely pleasant, gentle, listenable music with a subtle air of distinction. Designed to support bodywork and deep relaxation/healing, the flute, tanpura, keyboard, santoor, guitar and percussion weave Latin and Indian influences with centering rhythms and a spacious, freeing feel. Shanti (peace and silence in Sanskrit) seems appropriate.

New Age Voice, October 2001
If you are in the market for music for deep relaxation, meditation and massage, Shanti-Shanti is an exquisite fine piece of work. You can let yourself go into the most serene places with this music that you may find yourself just drifting, letting the pleasant beauty set your mind at ease and pleasantly floating into a place where all the stress and tension just melt away.

New Age Retailer, January/February 2002
Yashu and Harida have the courage to leave lots of silence between notes, allowing a sense of peace to gradually overtake the listeners until there is no seperation between melody and heart. Recommend the healing energy of Shanti-Shanti to customers who value the deep peace that meditation music can bring.

Osho Verlag, Germany
...the music is not only good for Sessions, but also gives me in daily life such a soothing moment - I guess what touches me the most is that it is very feel-able how long the two musicians know each other - the music vibrates with musical intimacy.

Russian magazine, New Age, Instrumental and World Music
Their music makes life lighter, it is easier to be in an alter state, where love and sunshine are natural, where the words are needless, when you dont have to pretend, to hide something from yourself and others, when your whole husk falls down and only You remain A cosmic feeling An infinite bliss...

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