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Silent Retreat

15-21.September 2018

Silent Retreat with Subodhi Schweizer

Silent Retreat

If we imagine going into a Retreat, we think of having time and space to withdraw, of being undisturbed and alone. We might also think of abstinence, discipline, renouncement and a certain form of effort. This 7-Day-Retreat has only one thing in mind: it wants to take you into relaxation, silence and non-doing. Often we lose the balance between activity and relaxation in our lives and at some point we feel the need to seek this balance again. In daily life we remain in a state of doing without allowing ourselves to rest. It is as if we always want to be awake and do not to allow ourselves to sleep. We are identified with all our activities and busyness and consequently we get anxious of doing nothing and even avoid the quiet. In this Retreat we want to create space for silence and non-doing to reestablish a balance and a healthy rhythm of activity and relaxation in our life.
We will dedicate our time to the most ancient form of Meditation: sitting in silence and walking with awareness. This simple technique is rooted in a tradition of hundreds of years. While simply sitting or walking, we do nothing else but watch. We let everything be just as it is without interfering or taking any action. That sounds very easy to begin with, as we continue though, we might be confronted with many different issues. The mind creates questions or problems and we realize how enmeshed we are with our habits and patterns and the tensions that go along with it. We will be transformed by the power of a Retreat, that allows us to get a distance to our thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Our awareness grows and we find the route to inner freedom. We drop back into our center, our original being and relaxation.
Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation as well as individual talks will support you in this inner process.
Joining a Retreat is basic experience for anyone who is on the path of spirituality and meditation or anyone who wants to have a solid start into the world of meditation.
retreat, accommodation in shared rooms and vegetarian meals: 700 Euro
(70 Euro extra for single room)

Early Bird bookings till 1.August 2018 - 10% discount - 630 Euro

Schedule of the retreat
Saturday, 10 am - Friday, 4 pm

Pomar da Serra, Sao Teotonio, Portugal

For more details and reservation contact us by phone (+351) 96-8542481 or by e-mail:

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