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Naz 2009      by Osho Drummers   Meditation

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Tribal Meditation
Dance is one of the oldest forms of expression to connect body and soul. This meditation allows you to reclaim your innocence and natural power, using the dance.
The strong rhythms are played on a wide range of percussion by Rupesh and Harida, two amazing percussionists, that can send you flying with their drums.
The structure of this meditation has been created by Prem Dayal,
the music by Osho Drummers, Rupesh and Harida

Tribal Meditation cover
1. Rhythm of Water 20:00 enter
2. Empowering the Hara 10:00 enter
3. Rhythm of Fire 20:00 enter
4. One with the Universe 10:00 enter

1. stage: Rhythm of Water
(eyes open or closed)
In this stage we let go of all the tensions that prevent us from being natural.
Through the dance, relax the neck, shoulders, arms and all the muscles in the body. Give elasticity to your spine and remember to breathe.
Let this dance flow like a river.

2. stage: Empowerment of the Hara
(eyes closed)
Sit in the Lotus position or kneel, on a cushion with your back straight,
allowing the energy to flow. Be present and relaxed, allow your breath to return to its natural state. Put all your awareness into your Hara (two inches below the navel).
You will feel connected to Mother Earth.

3. stage: Rhythm of Fire
(eyes open or closed)
Allow this dance its full expression.
Become a flame and let the rhythm of the drums touch all the cells of your body .. disappear into the dance.

4. stage: One with the Universe
(eyes closed)
Lie on your back, let go and disappear into the unknown.
Suddenly you are not the body, you are one with the Universe.

percussion from around the world played by Rupesh and Harida
music composed and arranged by Rupesh and Harida
meditation created by Prem Dayal and Rupesh
recorded at Nazca Music, Portugal - 2008/2009
studio engineering by Harida Quinteros
cover design by Sandesh ishida
lay-out by Nartan Ratjen

Tribal Meditation

nazca Nazca
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