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Detox and Meditation - Fasting - Colon Cleansing

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4-10 of October 2018

Reservation till 20 of September, so that we have enough time to order the supplements

Detox retreat

7 days cleansing process

Autumn is a good time to do a cleansing, the hot summer time is behind us, now its time to move inwards and recollect our energies, to be strong and healthy for the cold times of the year.

The cleansing process is based on the teachings of Dr Bernard Jensen, which we have been following for the past 8 years, and consider it one of the most efficient techniques to remove toxins and waste from our body and build up our natural healing powers.
It uses several supplements and digestive enzymns to help the elimination of old toxins and left overs which are stuck to our intestine walls, lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and herb teas.
Very important are daily enemas.
By not eating for a period of time we give a rest to our digestive system, and the energy normally used to digest our food can be used to eliminate toxic waste from our body, which is accumulated through unhealthly food habits, parasites, pollution and physical and emotional stress.

A detox is not always easy, especially the first few days we might feel headaches, anxieties, restlessness, moodiness, we might not be the nicest person to have around, but all of us are dealing with the different layers of food habits and the more willing we are to expose ourselves, the more open we can be with each other.
To take the most out of this its good to make the decision to drop your habits at least for this week and see what happens, especially the toxic ones like smoking, alcohol, coffee and sugar. We will have an orientation talk either per phone or skype with each particiapant.

We will spend a lot of time in nature, here at Pomar da Serra and at the nearby beaches of Zambujeira.
Softer active meditations, silent sitting and excersises are part of the daily program. Massages and Bodyscrub can be booked extra.

490,00 Euros - 7 days
max. 8 people

For more details contact us by phone 283-098011 or tm. 96-8542481 or by e-mail:

How to get there:

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Looking forward to see you at Pomar da Serra

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