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Osho Meditation Leader Training

3-10.September 2017

with Subodhi

Osho meditation leader training

We are honoured to have the first Osho Meditation Leader Training with Subodhi at Pomar da Serra.

In this training for meditation facilitators you will develop a fundamental understanding and practice of meditation.
The trainer and her team draw on decades of experience to show and explain meditation and its techniques to the participants and there is also extensive focus on the questions and problems that can arise after longer meditation experience and practice. Thus, the goal of the training is not only that the meditation teacher is able to lead meditations and give an understanding of meditation, but also, if the meditators wish, to offer support and advice to them where needed.
This is particularly relevant nowadays as many people's lives are affected by stress, sensory overload, anxiety, bodily tension and deep-seated insecurities which mean they have a longing for relaxation, quiet and just being. However, the more the word meditation is used, the more misunderstanding develops: meditation cannot be forced.
The active meditations of Osho, one of the most important Indian Mystics of modern times, were developed especially for the modern man or woman. They have an initial phase of movement and expression in which the meditator can free him or herself from the stuck energies carried in the body, thus making silence, mindfulness and relaxation easier. Meditation also means saying yes to and enjoying life and not withdrawing from the world and avoiding it.
This wonderful concept has opened the door to meditation for hundred of thousands of people in the last 40 years. Osho's meditations are offered in adult education colleges, gyms and psychosomatic clinics, are supported by health insurance companies and are practized in many companies as part of their personal development programs.
A particular focus of the meditation teacher training is the deepening of the participants own experience of meditation, allowing more awareness of the problems and difficulties encountered by other meditators to grow. This understanding that they have developed for the process of meditation helps them in the supporting and counseling others.

Contents of the Training:

What is meditation?
active movement and silence: conscious effort (discipline) and let-go
The three basic elements: relaxation, awareness and no judgement
Heart Meditations
Facilitation of meditation techniques: Dynamic, Kundalini, Nadabrahma, Devavani, No Dimensions and Sitting Meditation
Presence, attendance and motivation
Which meditation is suitable for which person, time of the day?
Effects of meditation

The Osho Meditation Leader Training is designed for all who wish:

To pass on their experience with Osho Meditation
To apply these meditations in a professional setting

An interview with the organizer and Subodhi is a prerequisite for the attendance of the training.

Prices for this 7 day training:
Meditation Leader Training: 420 Euro

Food and Accommodation (all options shared bathrooms)
double room or triple room: 260 Euro per person.
single room: 320 Euro
Sahara Tent, Yurt or Tipi for two people: 220 per person

An incredible opportunity, it took us two years to reserve the space in Subodhi's calendar! Places limited!

To secure your place 50% of the value is paid in advance, the rest on arrival!
NIB: 003500480000483930078
Caixa Geral de Depositos, Helga Ratjen

For more details and reservation contact us by phone 283-098011 or tm. 96-8542481 or by e-mail:

How to get here:
Pomar da Serra, Varzea do Carvalho, S.Teotonio, SW Portugal
coordinates: Lat: 37.434107 Long:-8.594645

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